Academic Year



- Maintaining political stability and public safety, constantly improving political virtue and wholesome lifestyle among university’s staff and students; with 100% of students and staff following the guidelines and policies issued by the party and legal regulations

- Continuing the initiative “Studying and following Ho Chi Minh moral conduct” and other programs initiated by Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Industry and Trade as well as other government agencies and municipal authorities

- Continuing to improve the quality of political education with programs initiated by the university.


1. Enrollment and training

- Enrollment: striving to accomplish the enrollment goal for 2016-2017 academic year

- Quality of training: 75% of the teaching hours are offered with improved teaching method, 100% of course contents are evaluated by learners prior to graduation, 100% of students are assessed on their academic and practical prowess in accordance with regulations; 100% of complaints made by students are promptly and properly handled.

2. Scientific research and international cooperation

- Scientific research: 100% of university level research theses must be applied in teaching, management and development of scientific research of the university; can be upgraded to a higher level or applied in practice. Regarding teaching materials development, extra effort should be extended to improve the development and quality of teaching materials. Regarding the university’s publication of scientific journal: maintain and improve the quality of articles in different disciplines, increase the numbers of article in multiple disciplines that are awarded points. It is also important to improve the professionalism of editors and staff of the journal.

- International partnership: Continue current projects and seek new international parnerships

3. Assessment, investigation and quality control

- Investigation and assessment: Continue to maintain regular assessment and investigation according to schedule and increase self-assessment in organizational departments. It is also important to improve the coordination between Education investigators, people’s investigators and administrative agencies in monitoring the operation of departments within the university. Another essential task is to receive and promptly handle complaints from staff, students regarding administrative procedures and education issues.

- Assessment and quality control: Complete the assessment of university; establish electronic university; implement QMS ISO 9001:2008 within the university; conduct internal assessment every six months; contract independent assessors as required by BVC regulations every year; improve the students’ assessment procedures and enhance student’s competency and moral conduct. It is important to maintain high quality, integrity in educating and assessing students while creating the most favorable learning environment for them.

4. Management of student body

Maintain high quality of political and moral education and organizing social activities for students according to the law, regulations of Ministry of Education and Training, and of the university. Other tasks include: handling claims and benefits for students properly and promptly, improving cooperation with local authorities and departments to manage, on-campus and off-campus students to ensure safety and create the most favorable learning environments for students.

5. Human resources management and implementing democracy code

- Human resource management: maintain and improve the staff, ensure appropriate staffing according to the university’s strategy, the assigning and re-assigning official process must adhere to the law; ensure staff benefits, organize training for staff in 2016 according to approved plan, establish plans for training in 2017 to accommodate the university’s long term growth strategy, improve the quality of lecturers, boost the number of lecturers with doctorate title and ensure they can meet the demand for high quality teaching, attract more highly-trained personnel to the university.

- Implementing democracy code: Continue to implement democracy code within the university and improving dialogue between Party Committee, Boards of Directors, Union, staff and students; review and amend regulations within the university.

6. Finance and asset management

- Ensure sufficient provision of textbooks, teaching materials and necessary conditions for teaching in all training disciplines, maintain stable internet connection for the electronic library updated with information and continuous operation; over 90% of all teaching aids and equipment must be in working condition to meet the teaching demand.

- Continue investment in key areas and modernize the university’s facility

- Effectively utilize and manage resources from operation to ensure sufficient budget, especially working capital and resources for staffing, research and improvement of innovative training programs.

7. Other tasks

- Competition and reward: Continue to implement initiative to encourage competition with professional improvement; conduct staff assessment, review staff for rewards and titles, all the procedures related to reward must be publicly disclosed, impartial and effective.

- Development of Party branches and associations: Study to put in practice Decisions from Party Assembles at all levels, strive to accomplish political mission of the university, improve political education; raise awareness, take pre-emptive actions to contribute to the development and renovation of the party.

- It is important to understand needs and state of mind of party members, staff and students within the Party branch and to coordinate the efforts among Party branches to participate in initiatives in commemoration of important occasions of the country and of the industry, educate and improve the qualities of staff and students, ensure that they follow a wholesome lifestyle and strong political standing and are loyal to the mission and philosophy of the Party.

- Improve the leadership of Party levels with political organizations, improving partnership between authorities, trade unions and youth unions in organizing and planning cultural, sports and arts activities for students and staff in commemoration of major festivals and national holidays.

- Improve the quality of Youth Union and Students’ Union activities, and strictly follow decisions issued by the Party Assembly.

- Actively participate in social activities organized by Ministry of Industry and Trade, continue to maintain the title of exemplary Party branch and Excellent Youth Union.