Falcuty Automobile Technology

Falcuty of Automobile Technology

The Faculty was established in 1992 and was formerly known as “Faculty of Dynamics Studies” and was renamed “Faculty of Automobile Technology” afterwards. The Faculty has achieved various achievements in education as part of the development of the university, and become one of the most prestigious training departments in automobile technology in Vietnam.

Faculty of Automobile Technology offers training programs in the following levels: Master, Bachelor, Post - Asscociate Diploma program to Degree Completion, Vocational training program with an option of transferring credits to a Bachelor program, Vocational Associate Program with an option of transferring credit to a Bachelor program. After graduation, students are armed with modern profressional skills and able to contribute to the development of domestic automobile industry and meet the requirements of working overseas.

Currently the Faculty offers the following program

NoProgramsMajor/training disciplinesMajor code
1Masters’ DegreeMechanical Automotive Engineering60.52.01.16
2Full-time Bachelors’ DegreeAutomotive Engineering Technology5210205
3Full time Associate DiplomaAutomotive Engineering TechnologyN03
4Full time Post - Asscociate Diploma program to Degree CompletionAutomotive Engineering TechnologyB510205
5Full time Post – Diploma of Secondary Education Program to Bachelors’ Degree CompletionAutomotive Engineering TechnologyE510205
6Full time Post – Associate Diploma of Vocational Education Program to Degree CompletionAutomotive Engineering TechnologyF510205