Development of Leadership Potential in HaUI students

YouthSpeak Unitour - The digital age skills inventory is an event to develop leadership potential among HaUI students and to empower young people.

AIESEC in Vietnam, the branch of the National Economics University has just cooperated with the Youth Union of Hanoi University of Industry to organize the YouthSpeak Unitour event: Carrying out the digital age skills.

Development of Leadership Potential in HaUI StudentsThe program attracted a large number of HaUI students to attend

The event is part of a series of activities that inspire the YouthSpeak North region in 2021. The event was created with the desire to bring an interactive space to develop leadership potential in students of Hanoi University of Industry and more than that is to empower young people.

The organizer has created an open environment to help your views tied to the No. 8 sustainable development goal of the United Nations - good jobs and economic growth.

In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, companies are constantly facing a problem of staff cuts to maintain the system, which poses a huge challenge for students when they graduate: What do they need to do to meet the growing needs of businesses? The answer is soft skills.

With the participation of nearly 250 students from many disciplines of the Hanoi University of Industry such as technology, engineering ... the event has contributed to equipping the necessary knowledge and soft skills for students in adapting to the ever-changing digital age.

Entering the Multilateral Discussion Space, students were heard sharing from the speakers who run companies such as JobOKO, ICOMM, CodeFresher ... They shared about their career status. Students will face today, in addition, are stories related to soft skills important to help students stay strong in their future careers such as problem-solving skills, self-study skills, logical thinking...

Coming to the Workshop, students were listening to the profound sharing from Mr. Nguyen Huy Du - CEO of Smart Light - Alumni of HaUI, sharing about tools to assist students to develop soft skills.

The students were surprised by the seemingly familiar tools, but if you know how to use them, they can help you develop your skills.

The Exchange Space section closed more than two hours of sharing and learning. The students had the opportunity to talk with the friends who attended, about what they learned during the event. Many students overcame their fears when standing in front of a crowd to speak about their true thoughts and opinions.