Strategic development of science and technology

Strategies for Science and Technology Development


Hanoi University of Industry aims to become a well-known centre for research, developing and transferring scientific and technological products, which is capable of applying and developing modern technology, addressing the pressing issues raised in the manufacturing process throughout the country. Revenues from scientific and technological activities and services is expected to account for at least 20% of the total revenues in 2020.


- Raising awareness of the role and significance of scientific research activities in a training institute.

- Innovating management mechanism of science and technology as well as finance to motivate and attract the staffs.

- Developing incentives and mandatory regulations to facilitate as well as urge the university lecturers to conduct scientific research.

- Building a number of modern laboratories for some key fields with potential prospects in research applications, as well as international cooperation.

- Enhancing cooperation with enterprises to get more orders as well as make full use of modern research facilities and equipment in practice.

- Attracting highly qualified scientific staffs from other institutes to participate in instructing and conducting research at the university.