Centre for Driver Training

Driver Training Center

Driver Training Center is a body under Hanoi University of Industry. The Center is charged with the task of enrolling and training applicants and issuing Automobile Driver’s licence according to the center’s training licence. The Center is one of the organizations that offer training for a complete step in a learner’s vocational training sequences (while pursuing other majors, learners can acquire the driving skill for personal needs or for professional purposes if necessary).

Outstanding achievments:

* In 2009, Driver Training Center won the third prize in “Good Driving Instructor” Competition by Hanoi Department of Transport.

* In 2013, in the Minstry of Industry and Trade office, The Board of Science accepted the ministry level research project: “Design, manufacturing, installing and operate in stable condition the automatic error warning system for B-grade licence driving lessons” by Associate Professor - Doctor Le Hong Quan with the participation of instructors from the Center. The Board highly regarded the scientific and practical implications of the study for the training process in HaUI and other training institutions under Ministry of Industry and Trade. The study received High Distinction and was further developed into a national research project.

* In 2014 in Public Art Festival, in cooperation with the Faculty of Business Administration, the Center won the special prize.

* Furthermore, the Center took part in “Good teacher” contest by the universities with good results and received various certificates of excellence by Hanoi Department of Transpot, etc.