Faculty of Chemical Technology

Faculty of Chemical Technology

Faculty of Chemical Technology was established on 01/03/2003, offering PhD, Master and Bachelor programs. Almost all lecturers of the faculty have experience working in related areas, and are all passionate about teaching and research. The Faculty has published over 200 articles on scientific journals and international conferences. In 2008, the Faculty received the acclaimed certificate of ISO 9001:2000 granted by BVQI.

Available programs

1. Masters’ Degree of Chemical Engineering

2. Bachelors’ Degree of Chemical EngineeringTechnology

3. Bachelors’ Degree of Environmental Technology

Students in Faculty of Chemical Technology are equipped with fundamental general knowledge and specialized expertise; sound theoretical studies are accompanied with empirical practice. Students are not only offered the opportunities to practice in modern laboratories of the faculty, they can also learn how to apply what they have learned in internships with research institutes, companies