Faculty of Electronics Engineering Technology

Faculty of Electronics Engineering Technology

The Faculty of Electronic Engineering was established on 19/10/1998 and was formerly Electronic Engineering group under Electrical Engineering Board. Alongside the development of the university, the Faculty now has 4 divisions: Electronic Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Electronics, and Industrial Electronic Engineering. Currently the Faculty manages 20 laboratories/workshops, 01 center for scientific research and technology transfer, 01 center for Information technology electronics research, 01 center for electronic engineering research, 01 center for research and application of Industrial Electronic Engineering, 01 center for telecommunication engineering research. Regarding international partnership, the Faculty received funding from Mitsubishi Company to build PLC training rooms, inverters; and was supported by Microchip to build PIC micro control unit laboratory; and by Texas Instrument Group (the USA) to build ARM micro control unit laboratory.

Programs offered

1. Masters’ Degree of Electronical Engineering

2. Bachelors’ Degree

2.1 Information technology and communication

2.2 Computer Engineering Technology

2.3 Communications and Computer Networks