Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The history and development of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is intertwined with those of the University. For 119 years of development and progress, the Faculty has supplied the nation’s workforce with a large number of officials, master holders, bachelors, engineers with sound technical background and skills, meeting the society’s needs for quality personnel.

There are 5 academic divisions under the Faculty: Technical Drawing Division, Industrial Equipment and Instrument Division, Electronical - Mechanical Engineering Division and Technology Division. The Faculty supervises and offers a PhD program in 01 major, bachelor programs in 02 majors and associate programs in 03 majors.

Available programs:

I. Type of degree: Ph.D.

1. Mechanical Engineering

II. Type of degree: Masters’ Degree

1. Mechanical Engineering

III: Type of degree: Bachelors’ Degree

1. Mechanical Engineering Technology

2. Mechatronic Engineering Technology

IV. Type of degree: Associate Diploma

1. Mechatronic Engineering