Faculty of Fundamental Science

Faculty of Fundamental Science

Faculty of Fundamental Sciences was established on 22/12/2005 under Decision 2040/QĐ-ĐHCN. The Faculty was charged with developing curricula and provided Mathematics and Physics courses for all levels and all majors of studies of the University. Alongside the strong development of the University, the Faculty of fundamental sciences takes pride in its capable and compassionate teaching staff which always successful achieved all tasks.

The Faculty has been awarded with the title “Excellent team” as well as various certificates of excellence by the University and Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Many lecturers of the Faculty has achieved the title “Emulative soldier” at University level, “Excellent teacher” at University and city level.

The faculty has composed and implemented 05 course books and many other academic materials. The faculty has also made significant achievement in scientific research (07 university level studies have been accepted and published, 12 articles have been published in domestic journals and 42 article on international journals.

The faculty has designed, constructed and put into use 04 Physics laboratories for teaching and research. The Faculty has also achieved high prizes in Mathematics and Physics Olympic for students at national level (01 special prize, 02 first prizes and 03 second prizes in 2016).


- Dean: Room 213, A2 Building, Campus A, Minh Khai, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi.

- Vice Dean – Division Heads: Room 214, A2 Building, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi.

Phone: (+84) 4 843 37655121. Ext 843

Email: khoakhcb@haui.edu.vn