Faculty of Garment Technology and Fashsion Design

Faculty of Garment Technology and Fashsion Design

Faculty of Garment Technology & Fashion Design was established under the Decision No. 2028 / QD-DHCN dated December 22, 2005, of the Rector of Hanoi University of Industry.

The faculty consists 4 divisions, including: Garment Technology Division; Fashion Design Division; Textile Materials Technology Division and Administrative Division.

Faculty of Garment Technology & Fashion DesignNumber of lecturer & staff: ~35.

Dean: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thi Le

Vice Dean: 1. Postgraduate Dinh Mai Huong

2. Dr. Luu Thi Tho

Training programs:

- 01 Master Program (2 years): Textile and Garment Technology.

- 03 Bachelor Programs (4 years): Fashion Design, Textile and Garment Technology, Textile Materials Technology.


The Faculty has 8 workshops sewing industry with a total area of 560m2, ensuring the implementation of teaching the practical modules for sewing industry; 03 computer rooms; 07 drawing rooms and design practice; specialized rooms and others.

Oriented development:

The Faculty of Garment Technology and Fashion Design expects to become a high-quality training-oriented institution to meet the needs of labour market:

- To build the Faculty of Garment Technology and Fashion Design to become a reliable center of applied research and transferring technology, having enough ability to access to 4.0 technology to apply to production practice.

- To enhance scientific and technological potentials to meet the requirements of scientific research in association with training, contributing to raising quality and developing training.

- To develop material facilities (laboratories, workshops...) of the faculty meeting TCVN 20-1985 standards in the direction of modernization, approaching enterprise practices.

- To foster a contingent of lecturers who ensure quality, sufficient quantity, uniform structure, having a proper political spirit, ethical qualities, lifestyle, professional conscience, commitment with the University to meet the requirements of the training and scientific research at HaUI.

- To strengthen cooperative relationships with businesses.

- To be proactive international cooperation on training and scientific and technological research with universities, research institutes and enterprises in the region and countries with advanced education in the world.


Faculty of Garment Technology & Fashion Design, Hanoi University of Industry

Address: Campus 2, Tay Tuu Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi