Graduate Education Center

Center for Post-Graduate Studies

1. Establishment and development

The Center for Post-Graduate Studies was established on 01/6/2012 under Decision 1054/QĐ-ĐHCN on 21/5/2012, Center for Post-Graduate Studies is charged with organizing and managing tasks related to post-graduate studies of Hanoi University of Industry. On the foundation of the University’s traditional core values and capitalizing on advancements in training and research of domestic and international universities, the Center has strived to become a prestigious supplier of high quality workforce and reach the standard of top domestic universities in the country and the region.

2. Functions

The Center for Post-Graduate Studies has the functions of offering consultancy on strategies to develop post-graduate studies and managing activities related to post-graduate studies of the University in accordance to regulations of Ministry of Training and Education as well as of the University in this area.