HaUI Honhai Centre for Technical Training

HaUI – Foxconn Center for Technical Tranining

HaUI – Foxconn Center for Technical Tranining was established in 2008 on the foundation of the partnership between HaUI and Hon Hai Group (Taiwan). The Center has offered 2 full-time training courses with over 700 graduates and other high quality short term courses.


- Offering training in manufacturing moulds: CNC milling, Wire cutting, impulse cutting, Multi-purpose milling, sharpening, etc

- Researching and applying technology and training in manufacturing moulds

- Receiving and transferring technology from Tawain’s experts, provide high quality workforce in relation to the exchange program between HaUI and Hon Hai Group.

- Offering short training courses in response to demand by students from within and outside the university, on-the-spot training for businesses; worker development and inspection, organize worker certification upgrade examinations