In-Service Center

Center for Continuing Education

The Faculty was established in 04/2001 and was originally known as Faculty of In-service Education. The Center is tasked with consulting the University Rector on management and provision of education in in-service mode.

Under Decision1158/QĐ-ĐHCN HN on 02/07/2014, the Faculty was renamed Center for Contiuing Education. During its operation, the Center has always strived to maintain compliance to current regulations of Ministry of Education and Training:

+ The teaching staff possesses a high degree of teaching experience and academic expertise, are highly responsible for the teaching career and has good relationship with partner units.

+ The Faculty is responsible for the overall management of the staff and in-service students

In current time, the changing demand of the country has created considerable challenges in enrolling new students. The Center’s staff has made the utmost attempt to take care of students to ensure they achieve the highest results.

The Center currently offers programs for students to study at the University as well as in partner units in many provinces: Lao Cai, Tuyen Quang, Ha Giang, Lai Chau, Thai Nguyen, Ha Nam, Hai Phong, etc.

The curricula for in-service education are based on the curricula of full-time programs of the University.

The University now offers In-service Bachelors’ Degree programs and Post – Associate Diploma Program to In service Bachelors’ Degree completion in the following majors:

+ Mechanical Engineering Technology

+ Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology

+ Automotive Engineering Technology

+ Accounting

+ Business Administration