HaUI Institute of Technology

HaUI Institute of Technology - HIT

HaUI Institute of Technology - HIT is an organization for technology research, application and transfer under Hanoi University of Industry. The major function of the institute is to propose and implement research studies in multiple disciplines: Mechnical Engineering - Automation Technology, Electrical - Electronical Engineering - Energy Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Chemical and Environmental Technolgy, Biological and Food Processing Technolgy; cooperate with international and domestic Technology organizations to devise strategies for technology development in alignment with the University’s long term goals, exchange of academic expertise, implement tasks related to technology, transfer the research results to interested parties; provide appraisal, inspection and investigation services in technology; organize training activities and transfer of newest technology in various areas. Besides, the Institute als acts as an intermediary and supporter to distribute the technological resources of the university for the overall development of the university.

- Research activities

+ Studies and research projects: since 2013, the Institute has spearheaded and participated in studies/research projects in cooperation with overseas organizations and businesses. Among them 18 studies have been accepted including: 01 national study, 01 study sponsored by Nafosted Fund, 02 international studies in cooperation with Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST); 07 minstry level studies; 07 City/Municipal level studies

+ Research articles: 70 articles by the Institute’s staff have been published, including 9 articles/studies on international journal and proceedings of international scientific conferences.