Faculty of Physical Education

Faculty of Physical Education

The Faculty of Physical Education was formerly Faculty of Physical Education - National Defence Education. The Faculty was established on 22/12/2015 by splitting apart from Political Science - Physical Education - Military Training Board.

Over the years, the Faculty has accomplished various achievements and received many trophies, certificates granted by Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, National Olympic Committee, Hanoi Department of Education and Training, Hanoi Military Command, Tu Liem District Military Command, etc.

The achievments have made important contribution to the university’s achievement of being a leading unit in self defence and sports as well as the number one in the north area among universities and agencies under Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Achievements in football:

Bac Tu Liem District Tournament: Second Place

Hanoi Student Tournament, Ministry of Industry and Trade: Third Place

Achievements in badminton:

2005-2006: First place in men’s double of national tournament, first place in men’s double and men’s single of Hanoi Student Tournament

Achievements in tennis:

+2011: Winner of Open Thanh Do University and VTC


+2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,2015,2016: First place in Bac Tu Liem District

+2012: Winner of Industry and Trade Journal Championship

+2016: Winner of Hanoi Industrial Division of Party Committee Championship

+2015: Winner of Tournament for Teaching Staff of Universities, Academies and Colleges of the Northern Area

+2015, 2016: Winner of National People’s Teacher - Red River Championship

Achievements in track and field

- Bac Tu Liem District: 2008, 2009, 2010: First place overall; 2011: Third place overall; 2012: second place overall, 2013,2014: Second place overall

- City Tournament: 2010: Second place overall; 2012, 2012: Third place overall; 2013, 2014: Second place overall

- Tournament for University Students and Professional Players: 2010: second place overall

National Student Tournament 2012: 3 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals

National Defence Sports Meet: First place for many years

Especially, in the years the Faculty hosted the national and regional sports meet, it was granted certificate of excellence by the Minister and was highly appreciated by attending delegates.