Faculty of law and political Science

Faculty of Law and Polictical Science

The Faculty of Marxism-Leninism was made separate from the Political Science - Physical Education - Military Training in 2005. In 2014, the Faculty was renamed Faculty of Law and Polictical Science.

Over the past years, the Faculty has made various achievements and received many certificates of excellence by Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Education and Training, etc. These achivements have made important contributions to the University’s overall performance.

* Teaching awards

- 01 second prize in good teacher contest at national level

- 03 first prizes, 03 second prizes and 03 third prizes in good teacher contest at city level

- 04 first prizes, 18 second prizes and 06 third prizes in good teacher contest at university level.

* Scientific research

The Faculty has

- published 04 course books

- spearheaded and defended 09 studies at university level

- published over 200 articles on journals and national conference proceedings

- implemented over 20 ideas for innovation recognized by the University

* Other activities

- First prize in arts festival

- Third prize in men’s football

- Third prize in women’s volleyball

- Third prize in cooking contest