Center for Quality Management


I. History

- Quality Management Center was established under Decision No. 194/QD – DHCN on 01/ 02/ 2007, Rector of Hanoi University of Industry.

- After 04 years of construction and development, Quality Management Center is growing in both quality and quantity, contributed to confirm and improve the quality of education of the University.

II. Facilities

- 09 working rooms

- 01 server; 02 testing rooms with 114 computers.

- 02 exam rooms organize your argument capable competitor 120 student/1 room.

- 04 archive records and test

- Computer systems, office equipment and work equipment to meet the performance requirements of the unit's mission.

III. Functions and tasks


Advise the principal and the implementation of quality management activities, testing and marketing of the University.


- To advise the Principal of the university plan long-term, medium-term and annual plans for the management of quality.