Faculty of Tourism

Faculty of Tourism

The Faculty of Tourism has had a history of 15 years in development. The faculty was formerly Faculty of Technical Teaching.

Over the years, the Faculty has made significant contributions into the overall development of the University of Industry with rapid advancement and innovations. The percentage of graduates from the Faculty with jobs appropriate to their majors reached over 80%.

The Faculty of Tourism now offers full-time programs in two level (Associate Diploma and Bachelors’ Degree) with 3 majors (Tour Guiding, Tourism - Hotel Business Administration and Office Administration).

+ Research activities

The Faculty of Tourism has spearheaded and coordinated many university level research studies, which are highly regarded by the Board and have contributed to the development of the University.

+ Short term technology transfer and training.

Apart from training and scientific research, the Faculty has also engaged in teacher development activities and granted “Technical Teaching Certificate” and “Teaching certificate for University lecturers”

+ Good teacher and good student competions

The Faculty is among the leading departments of the University in various activities. Over the years, lecturers of the Faculty have actively participated in good teacher competition at various levels with good results.

Furthermore, the Faculty has also hosted many specialized events such as Bar - Restaurant Techniques Contest, Excellent Receptionist Contest, Excellent Tour Guide Contest to create a professional playground for interaction among Faculties and Businesses.