The 7th National Scientific Conference on Mechanical Engineering 2023

The Vietnam General Association of Mechanics cooperated with Hanoi University of Industry to organize the 7th National Scientific Conference on Mechanical Engineering 2023.

1. Purpose
- The National Scientific Conference on Mechanical Engineering is a forum for scientists and applied researchers in the country to publish results, orient training, scientific research, technology transfer, production and business in the field of Mechanical Engineering and related;
- To promote tripartite cooperation between Universities - Research Institutes - Enterprises in Mechanical Engineering and related fields.
2. Time and place
- Time: Expected on August 10, 2023
- Location: Hanoi University of Industry, 298 Cau Dien Street, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi
3. Conference themes
- Mechanical engineer;
- Automation, Mechatronics, Robot;
- Automotive engineering;
- Aviation;
- Hydro/aerodynamics;
- Hydraulic machines;
- Mechanical agriculture, forestry, construction;
- Mechanical and composite materials;
- Textile engineering and technology of weaving and sewing;
- Industrial engineering;
- Industry 4.0 in mechanics;
- Vehicle and system design, UAV, etc.
4. General information
- Language used at the conference: Vietnamese or English.
- Conference entries are sent through the EasyChair system.
- Website:
- Email:
- Contact phone: 0904.919.636 (Trinh Thi Thu Huong); 0978.877.682 (Dang Van Binh).
- The peer-reviewed articles proposed to be published will be published in the Proceedings of the 7th National Conference Scientific on Mechanical Engineering or the Science and Technology Journal - Hanoi University of Industry which is approved by the State Council of Science and Technology.
- Good-quality English articles will be selected and continue to send peer reviews for publication in international journals under Scopus (if the author requests).
Note: Articles requested by the author to be published in international journals of Scopus will not be published in the Journal of Science and Technology - Hanoi University of Industry.
5. Important timelines
- Submit articles summary by May 30, 2023.
- Accept-post: July 1, 2023.
- Fee Payment (attendance + posting): July 15, 2023.
6. Conference Fees:
- Domestic delegate fees:
+ Post and attend the Conference: 700,000 VND
+ Editing and printing scientific report poster: 300,000 VND (size 1.8m x 0.8m: 1 post/poster)
- International delegate fee: 100 USD (documents, tea/coffee, article review...)
- Fee for publishing in international journals: 5,000,000 VND
- Fee for publishing in international journals of Scopus: 15,000,000 VND
- Fees will be transferred to the university account: Hanoi University of Industry, STK: 3100211001012, Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam - Tu Liem Hanoi Branch.
The Organizing Committee cordially invites scientists from universities, colleges, research institutes, and enterprises... to write articles and attend the 7th National Conference of Scientific on Mechanical Engineering at Hanoi University of Industry.

  • Thursday, 15:04 20/04/2023