Sports Festival for HaUI officials, lecturers and employees in 2022

In order to create a playground for officials and employees throughout the school to practice sports and have fun after the interruption due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Trade Union of Hanoi University of Industry has developed an organizational plan. Sports Festival for officials, lecturers and employees in 2022.
1. Purpose:
- To create an atmosphere of excitement, emulation and achievement to welcome the new school year 2022-2023; celebrate holidays in 2022 such as October 20; 11/20; December 22... Especially to welcome the Congress of Trade Unions, towards the Congress of Trade Union Deputies of Hanoi University of Industry for the term 2023-2028. Through activities of demonstrating force, collective strength, solidarity, and at the same time affirming the brand reputation and good tradition of a hero school.
- In order to promote the movement of physical training, physical strength, health improvement, and teamwork spirit, thereby exchanging knowledge, and tightening solidarity among all employees at school. Gradually building a healthy physical and mental cultural life, contributing to the excellent completion of the school year's tasks.
- Select excellent athletes to join the school team to prepare to participate in regional, industry and city tournaments for officials and employees.
2. Requirements:
- To ensure safety in competition. Show civilized attitude, politeness and noble competitive spirit.
- To participate enthusiastically to ensure the highest achievement; Strictly abide by the rules, tournament rules and competition rules.
- Sports: Football, Tug of war; Badminton, Table tennis; Sticks Pushing.
- Team competitions The Organizing Committee will divide into 08 teams, including all units (partial unions) in the whole school.
- Individual competitions, the units register the list, the content of the competition for the Organizing Committee.
All HaUI officials, lecturers and employees.
1. Time:
- Practice: Teams and individuals organize their own practice from September 26, 2022, onwards until the day of the sports festival.
- Competition: Expected to start on October 12, 2022.
- Technical meeting: October 4, 2022.
- Opening ceremony and organization of sports day: Expected at the end of October 2022.
2. Location:
HaUI sports arena and National Sports Training Center.

  • Thursday, 16:46 29/09/2022