Vietnamese electronics engineer participated in internship program in the United States with an annual salary of $50,000 per year.

Hạ Thành Trung was the first student from Hanoi University of Industry to travel to the United States for an internship program sponsored by Mikiways, with an annual income of $50,000.

In the winter of 2022, like many of his friends, as he was preparing to graduate, Thành Trung also contemplated the idea of going to Japan, where the field of electronics engineering was highly regarded and offered lucrative opportunities. However, an unexpected incident occurred, causing Trung to change his plans to go to Japan.

At that time, Hanoi University of Industry was the first university in the northern region of Vietnam to collaborate with Mikiways in implementing an internship and cultural exchange program for the students of the university."

Kỹ sư điện tử người Việt thực tập tại Mỹ với mức lương 50.000 USD một năm - 1

Mikiways' internship program in the United States helps students gain more confidence and reach new heights in their careers (Photo: Mikiways).

The program offers students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired at Hanoi University of Industry in companies in the United States.

With a diverse range of internship fields, including engineering, business management, hospitality, textiles and apparel, chemical engineering, and a highly competitive internship salary provided by U.S. companies, the program quickly attracted the interest of students, including Trung.

Kỹ sư điện tử người Việt thực tập tại Mỹ với mức lương 50.000 USD một năm - 2

Hanoi University of Industry students learned about the internship program in the United States (Photo: Mikiway).

Initially, Trung had doubts about the legal aspects of Mikiways' internship program. However, after conducting thorough research and gathering more information from the university and Mikiways, all doubts were dispelled due to the transparency of the organization and its clear commitments.

Trung received thorough legal and procedural guidance to boost his confidence and make an informed decision to enroll in this program.

After completing the necessary procedures, Trung began to focus on improving his English proficiency, a fundamental requirement for working and living in the United States. Mikiways provided free training for four months, aimed at enhancing communication skills and preparing participants for interviews and new challenges in the United States.

Kỹ sư điện tử người Việt thực tập tại Mỹ với mức lương 50.000 USD một năm - 3

The headquarters of LG Solution Partner, where Trung completed his internship program in the US (Photo: Mikiway).

Trung felt extremely reassured by Mikiways' guidance and support throughout the entire application process, including detailed instructions for filling out the U.S. visa application. The seemingly complex procedures became much more manageable with Mikiways' assistance.

After receiving comprehensive training in communication skills and interview preparation, Trung successfully obtained his U.S. visa and was ready for new experiences.

Trung shared his excitement, expressing disbelief that he would have the opportunity to intern in the United States, a country known for its advanced technology and numerous development opportunities. He pledged to give his best effort to prove his abilities and achieve outstanding success in the future.

Even more remarkable, Trung secured an internship position at LG Solution Partner with an attractive annual income of $50,000. Not only that, but he also received housing and transportation allowances, allowing him to fully focus on his work.

Kỹ sư điện tử người Việt thực tập tại Mỹ với mức lương 50.000 USD một năm - 4

The battery manufacturing plant, where Trung completed his internship (Photo: Mikiway).

At LG Solution Partner, Trung not only receives training and works in a professional environment but also actively engages in diverse projects within the technology sector. This allows Trung to continuously expand his knowledge and expertise while becoming an integral part of a dedicated and experienced team within the company.

With the high income and attractive benefits offered through LG Solution Partner's internship program, Trung has become a significant source of motivation for other students who are planning to intern in the United States. This program not only provides an excellent opportunity for students to experience an international work environment but also contributes significantly to their professional development and personal growth.

A representative from Mikiways shared that they are committed to guiding and supporting Trung, as well as other interns, throughout their internship journey in the United States. The company places a strong emphasis on ensuring the satisfaction and success of its interns.

The knowledge and experience gained in the United States have greatly contributed to Trung's personal growth. In retrospect, Trung stated that his decision to participate in Mikiways' paid internship program in the United States was a wise choice.

Kỹ sư điện tử người Việt thực tập tại Mỹ với mức lương 50.000 USD một năm - 5

The modern battery manufacturing line in the United States (Photo: Mikiway).

Ha Thanh Trung's story is a testament to the success and opportunities that Mikiways brings to students. Mikiways' internship program in the US not only helps young individuals overcome legal barriers but also bolsters their confidence, propelling them towards new heights in their careers. This story is expected to inspire and encourage many other young people with dreams of challenging themselves and pursuing success in the future.

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