Center for Dormitory Management: Towards a smart dormitory model

The Center for Dormitory Management of Hanoi University of Industry is a service provider operating under the management mechanism, with the task of serving officials and students on the following activities: dormitory, vehicle custody, catering, canteen. The purpose of the center is to serve well, create the best educational environment, build the culture and brand of Hanoi University of Industry (HaUI), taking the motto of serving high quality as the long-term and sustainable task of the center.

The academic year 2020-2021 has ended with many difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the face of that situation, the Center for Dormitory Management (CDM) of Hanoi University of Industry was determined to overcome, turn difficulties into opportunities, and innovated to adapt to the national period of disease prevention.

Center for Dormitory Management: Towards a smart dormitory model

A view of The Center for Dormitory Management - Hanoi University of Industry

I. Looking back at the outstanding results of the Center in the period of university autonomy from 2017 to 2021 and the results of the academic year 2020-2021

Higher education contributes to the training of knowledgeable citizens for society, having not only knowledge but also real-life experiences and good manners. For students staying away from home, the dormitory is a good environment to practice and cultivate those qualities. Having clearly identified that goal, the Center has well performed the task of propagating, educating and disseminating the guidelines and regulations for students by means of meaningful propaganda, creating effective good.The University's e-university system has helped the Center strongly innovate and apply technology in management and better serving students. Students can apply for a place in the dormitory on an app which they can choose the type and price of the room; make payment and track monthly expenses. All activities in the dormitory are deployed flexibly, transparently and conveniently.

Center for Dormitory Management: Towards a smart dormitory model

The Center for Dormitory Management at Campus 2, Tay Tuu Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi

Getting the attention of the leaders of the University, the dormitory of Hanoi University of Industry in 3 campuses are all modern and spacious, from the landscape, the environment to the facilities of the rooms like air conditioners, bathroom water heaters, Internet... There are also 3-star rooms exclusively for foreign experts and lecturers who come to work at the University. The Center has a system of common rooms, reception rooms, computer rooms which is very convenient for students to use and study.

In addition to preparing the best conditions for accommodation for foreign students, lectures and experts, Hanoi University of Industry also pays special attention to food and beverage services, activities of domestic students, officials and employees. It is clear that very few universities have cafeterias and food services as good as at Hanoi University of Industry. The University has 03 canteens in 03 campuses which are all spacious and modern. In Ha Nam, the campus also serves students of the Center for National Defense and Security. Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic seriously affected the food service and canteen activities, but the Center took advantage of that time to refresh and modernize the space, landscape, and interior of the cafeterias, prepare new, attractive and diverse menus with the desire to best serve students and lecturers when they go back to school.

Center for Dormitory Management: Towards a smart dormitory model

The Center for Dormitory Management in Ha Nam Campus

At Hanoi University of Industry, students are enjoying the best conditions for settling down to study and develop themselves. With today's modern and open educational method, the Center for Dormitory Management realizes that creating favorable conditions for organizing group activities and clubs for students is crucial. After school, students can participate in 5S campaign, fire prevention training and different types of sports such as volleyball, basketball, single bars, double bars, shuttlecock, football. Participating in extracurricular activities not only contributes to increasing learning efficiency, but also helps students develop social skills, enhance physical health, and bring useful and valuable experiences to students later on. In the context of the pandemic, many universities could not maintain activities for students in dormitories, but at Hanoi University of Industry, the dormitory is still operating normally, always ready to welcome students back to school as planned as it has organized for 85% of students who are in their hometown to register in the dormitory. The Center has actively coordinated with the Department of Student Affairs and other units in the University to regularly exchange information with the local police to register temporary residence for students, promptly grasp students’ thoughts, educate and train students, ensure students’ safety, especially international students.
In addition, the Center always plans activities to support boarding students. Students are living in a friendly environment, in line with the wishes and aspirations of today's youth to ensure discipline, but not rigidity. Therefore, the number of students in the dormitory is always high, reaching an average of over 90%.
The Center does not set business goal as it aims to bring peace of mind and safety to students, staff, and lecturers. Using services of the Center for Dormitory Management, people will receive the hospitality, warm welcome, clean and beautiful accommodations and cafeterias so that they can relax after stressful working and studying hours.
Activities to join hands with the whole country to fight the pandemic
In the context of the whole world and society joining hands in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the Center for Dormitory Management of Hanoi University of Industry has actively coordinated with units inside and outside the University to overcome difficulties and contribute to the implementation of the University’s political tasks and community activities.
Recently, the University’s domestic and international students who could not return to their hometown stayed in the dormitory of the University. This poses a problem for the Center which is to ensure the management and prevention of pandemic but still provide a full and safe living environment, help students feel comfortable and secured. The Center has mobilized resources to spread the propagation, guidelines, regulations and directives of the Party, the State, Ministries, Committees and localities, especially of the University’s Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control to staff and students; arrange staff members to assist students (both Vietnamese and international students), share difficulties and give support to their material and spiritual needs, health and medical care; implemented the disease prevention: 5K message, vaccination, disinfectant spray, environmental sanitation, hand and surface sanitizer spray, body temperature measurement,... Besides, the Center also ensures free Internet connection to give the best condition for students’ online learning. It also maintains social distancing in the dormitories and cafeterias, arranges isolation rooms for students who show signs of illness or fever, or return to school from an epidemic area; gauges students’ experiences during the anti-epidemic period.

Center for Dormitory Management: Towards a smart dormitory model

Giving gifts to international students and Vietnamese students staying in the University dormitories

during the COVID-19 pandemic

Also in the past time, the University has promoted vaccination for officials, employees and students. Both domestic and international students are also transported to the vaccine location to ensure safety and convenience. The Center has regularly coordinated with the medical station to monitor and support students when having health problems. Additionally, it has coordinated with Department of Student Affairs, Youth Union to organize activities, give gifts, assist and help students feel secured in studying and living in the dormitories during the pandemic.
In addition to implementing pandemic prevention in the University, the Center also performs the political tasks of the University to join hands with the whole country to fight the pandemic:

  • Develop action plans, prepare isolation areas at the dormitory of campus 1 in 2020, that of campus 2 in 2021 at the request of Hanoi leaders, ready to hand over facilities for medical isolation upon request.
  • Disassemble, transport 500 sets of beds from the University’s campus in Ha Nam to the isolation area and hand over to the Military Command of Bac Tu Liem District. The Center for Economic Management of the Hanoi University of Industry is always ready to join hands for the community.

II. The Center’s objectives for the next 5 years and the school year 2021-2022.
Along with the innovation and modernity according to the development strategy of the University, the Center for Dormitory is determined to:

  • Keep innovating and create important imprints in the process of development and integration.
  • Build a smart dormitory model, vehicle custody: Smart management, smart accommodation, smart monitoring, high efficiency application, use of technology in activities, towards the use of electronic cards to check in and out with students in the dormitory and to guide parking locations automatically; pilot deploying the use of facial recognition camera, automatic payment, automatic warning system, automatic control.
  • Build an open space service model: self-service through support devices, automatic vending. Self-service devices include photocopiers, printers, and automated cash handling machine. In the near future, when coming to the cafeterias, students will be guided automatically with menus, food selection and electronic payment; students will feel the completeness and convenience from the supermarket, the barbershop, the laundry area, the sports area, the cultural area, the green environment with a romantic, warm space, the scene of brilliant flowers and trees during four seasons.

Using services of the Center for Dormitory Management, customers will feel the warmth and modernity and the staff of the Center are always receptive, enthusiastic and friendly.



Center for Dormitory Management: Towards a smart dormitory modelCenter for Dormitory Management: Towards a smart dormitory modelCenter for Dormitory Management: Towards a smart dormitory modelCenter for Dormitory Management: Towards a smart dormitory modelCenter for Dormitory Management: Towards a smart dormitory modelCenter for Dormitory Management: Towards a smart dormitory model

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