Hanoi University of Industry succeeds with the e-university model, towards building a smart university

The pioneering and creative spirit has been always shown for the 123-year history of construction and development of Hanoi University of Industry. That spirit has been maintained and promoted to a new level by the generation of lecturers and students. HaUI is currently one of the leading technical universities in Vietnam in terms of training and applying scientific research, pioneering in building and improving the application of e-university model in the comprehensive management of the university, towards building a smart university.

The 123-years history has created a fine tradition, a source of creativity, a unique identity of Hanoi University of Industry. This will be a great resilience and a solid launchpad for the university to assert its new position in the future. Reality has proven that HaUI has now extended the creative source of the previous generation with pioneering steps in university training innovation.

Hanoi University of Industry succeeds with the e-university model, towards building a smart universityHanoi University of Industry

People’s Teacher, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Duc Quy - Rector of the university affirmed that HaUI has made many efforts to innovate the training model, have practical solutions to remove bottlenecks in technology development and human resource quality. The university has researched and innovated in managing, researching and training human resources in line with the trend of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

In recent years, HaUI has changed its teaching and learning methods in the direction of combining traditional methods and online teaching; applied the CDIO approach in the development of training programs; strongly applied ICT in teaching and training management processes according to the e-university model; In addition to teaching theory and practice at workshops and laboratories, lecturers also give case studies for students to work in groups to solve problems at the root;...

Not be afraid of hardship and difficulties, the creativity and readiness to catch up with the trend of modern higher education have brought HaUI positive results. Currently, the university has achieved quality accreditation on both levels: school level and national level. In particular, on May 14, 2019, the university was honored to receive the second prize (no first prize) of the Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Award (VIFOTEC) 2018 in the field of Information Technology, Electronics, Telecommunications with the project "Establish an e-university system according to the Business Process Management and technology trend SMAC (Social - Mobil - Analytics - Cloud)". The project was built and developed since 2010 on the basis of the actual operation of the university.

The e-university system applies modern management methods with intelligent solutions such as establishing decision-making support systems to solve difficult problems in training and handling students’ requests; applying artificial intelligence and big data processing. After 3 years of implementation and practical application, the electronic university system of Hanoi University of Industry has achieved many impressive results:

Regarding the system development: building 23 subsystems, 517 operational processes, 6,700 functions, 03 decision-making support systems (DSS), 04 mobile apps, 05 component applications, 95 synthesis reports, 291 prints from the system.

As for system operation: 150 million uses, 106,000 app downloads, 344 system database capacity, 2.05 minutes average interaction time on the system, 17,000 highest concurrent users per second.

Regarding the operation of functions: over 63 million searches, nearly 6,000 student comments were answered, 25,000 requests were resolved online, 42,000 students paid via e-wallets.

With regards to training activities: over 7,300 candidates enrolled online; 39,000 times of online check-in; 36,000 candidates completed admission procedures; 98 training programs were developed; 646 curriculum frameworks; 7,300 courses; nearly 1,600 courses according to CDIO; 4,500 program outcome standards; 106,400 courses were organized, 3.5 million study registrations and 79 combined courses; accreditation results up to 155,000 times of further study considerations, 31,000 times of graduation considerations, more than 250,000 students were assessed according to the program outcome standards and 36,000 diplomas and certificates were printed and managed.

Regarding the testing activities: more than 1.3 million tests were processed; 143,000 exam rooms were organized; 132,000 examiners were assigned. Science and technology activities: nearly 3,000 science and technology products were managed on the system with 390 articles from students. Quality assurance activities: there were 05 self-assessment training programs on the system, 9,000 proofs of service were digitized. Inspection activities: 3,800 classes are monitored online. Financial activities: performed over 3.5 million financial transactions, more than 89,000 electronic invoices. Student management activities: managed 113,000 student records, had 16.5 million of students and former students respond to surveys.

The e-university system has performed the function of comprehensive management of the university’s activities, from facilities, assets to human resources, training activities, research and cooperation activities, student management activities, national defense and security education activities, etc.

Hanoi University of Industry succeeds with the e-university model, towards building a smart universityAssoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Duc Quy - Rector of the university and Mr. Hoang Anh - Director of Quality Assurance Center (in the middle) received the Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Award (VIFOTEC) in 2018

Not only be applied in the university, the e-university system "Made by HaUI" has been highly appreciated and replicated to other management and training units of the country such as General Department Of Vocational Training, Electric Power University, Hai Phong University, Vinh University of Technology Education, etc. Up to now, the e-university system has been honored to receive 03 major awards: the Vietnamese Talent Awards in 2012, Sao Khue Awards in 2016 and Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Award (Vifotec) 2018.

The achievements have once again highlighted Hanoi University of Industry on the map of Vietnam's higher education development. But not stopping there, the university will continue to conquer new goals which include improving and optimizing the e-university system by 2021, towards building and developing Hanoi University of Industry under the smart university model in the future.

  • Tuesday, 09:19 07/09/2021