Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Duc Quy: Solutions to high-quality human resources training for the supporting industry

As the backbone of the economy, the processing and manufacturing industry is the foundation and driving force for the growth of the entire Vietnamese industry in particular and the economy in general. The issue of human resources for the supporting industry becomes essential, and more necessary than ever. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Duc Quy - Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector of the University shared an article on this issue and provided a perspective on some solutions to high-quality human resources training in universities, meeting the requirements of businesses and society.

Dear Mr. Quy, what is the general picture of our country's current human resources for the supporting industry?

The characteristics of the supporting industry are manufacturing sectors, so it requires human resources to meet a number of characteristics such as updating new technologies, being compatible in terms of quality and qualifications to create product chains. Currently, Vietnam's human resources, especially in the field of mechanical engineering, electronics, and automobiles, are lacking. Not only facing the shortage, human resources also have not yet met the requirements of enterprises to create supply chains for corporations in the field of high-tech product manufacturing.

In recent years, training human resources for the supporting industry in Vietnamese universities have not been really flexible, but it is gradually improving and having some innovations. In the near future, we will keep up with the world's requirements and trends in training high-quality human resources for the supporting industry and meet the requirements of global human resource.

So from your viewpoint, is the current training program at universities and colleges effective and does it meet the needs of businesses or not?

It can be said from the perspective of State management with the mission and vision of a university or college that the training program has partly met the needs of society. I said that because the evaluation will be based on the goals, missions and visions as well as the output standards of the institutions when developing training programs. For example, at Hanoi University of Industry - an application-oriented training university, when developing training programs, the goals are what the businesses’ requirements on human resources are, which segmentation human resources or which job positions students belong to... Thanks to that, training programs will be designed flexibly and appropriately.

In your opinion, has the connection between universities, institutes and businesses really created good conditions for graduates to have jobs and meet job needs?

Currently, the issue of the connection between universities, institutes and enterprises is a matter of long-term concern. It is not only a matter of the state's orientation in terms of law, but the most important thing is issues of self-interest of these organizations. Universities, institutes and businesses must see their own interests in working together to train high-quality human resources.

Hanoi University of Industry determined that the relationship with enterprises is very important and associates with the training programs of the University, because we thought that the trained human resources must meet the increasing demand of businesses and society. Therefore, when developing training programs, we collect opinions, survey the needs of enterprises, and consult experts on whether the training program is suitable for the needs of society.

In addition, based on perspective of businesses, the University determines the output standards and builds knowledge and skills set from which subjects are built appropriately. Therefore, in the long-term relationship between the University and businesses, in addition to the orientation of the State, organizations must identify the actual benefits when cooperating to develop together.

What solutions are needed for the cooperation or looking for external support in training high-quality human resources, sir?

The first solution is that training programs must be redesigned to match international trends and specially to meet the needs of businesses. Hanoi University of Industry is using the US CDIO process to redesign programs, including some stages that we have to survey businesses, and also invite businesses to participate in the training process of the University.

The second solutionis that the University always creates opportunities and conditions for students to get closer to businesses, through organizing many job fairs and recruitment consulting workshops.

The third solution is that the University helps students practice on modern machinery and equipment, experience at real production facilities and businesses to access the development of new technologies, so that after graduating, they can work at enterprises without obstacles.

The fourth solution is that teachers need to change their thinking and training methods in line with the trend of the times, improve the quality of training not only with knowledge but also as a coach who inspires students so that they can really learn and be passionate about their chosen profession to confidently pursue their dreams.

Thank you for sharing, sir!

  • Monday, 09:32 20/12/2021